1. Create a PDF version of your dissertation (If submitting your manuscript to ProQuest, please see ProQuest/UMI's Preparing Your Manuscript Guide)
  2. Complete the Dissertation and Thesis Submission Checklist.
  3. If depositing to KiltHub only, skip to step 5.
  4. If submitting to ProQuest/UMI:
    1. Be sure to read the latest ProQuest Dissertation Submission Agreement (United States).
    2. Complete page 4 & 5 of the ProQuest Submission Form.
    3. OPTIONAL: Complete pages 6 & 7 of the ProQuest Submission Form.
  5. Follow your department's procedures for completing the signature page. Submit the following to your Graduate Program Coordinator.
    1. Your electronic file (PDF).
    2. Completed Dissertation and Thesis Submission Checklist.
    3. Documentation & payment for ProQuest/UMI, if applicable.
The Graduate Program Coordinator will
  1. Keep the original signature page and add a scanned page with typed signatures to the electronic file.
  2. Deposit the PDF and Checklist onto the Libraries' FTP server ( / ).
  3. If submitting to ProQuest, send the forms/payment to Melanie Klaput at Hunt Library.
The University Libraries will
  1. Deposit the dissertation in KiltHub under the terms indicated by the student on the Checklist.
  2. Submit the dissertation and accompanying documents to ProQuest/UMI if requested by the student on the Checklist.