iThenticate is a plagiarism prevention tool that compares documents (including journal article manuscripts, proposals, research reports, thesis, and dissertations, etc.) against millions of published works available through the Internet and subscription databases. It is the anti-plagiarism software platform currently used by the NSF, and is an optional tool now available to all CMU Faculty, Staff, Researchers, and PhD Students to check their manuscripts and grant draft proposals prior to submission to guard against any future claims of plagiarism or self-plagiarism.

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  • Utilizing iThenticate is optional. The CMU subscription to iThenticate authorizes a limited number of accounts. It is available for all CMU Faculty, Staff, Researchers, and PhD Students.
  • It is not appropriate to use iThenticate to check student coursework. Instead, faculty are encouraged to use Turn-it-in via Canvas.

Learn more in the iThenticate Research Guide.





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