Congratulations to our many Libraries staff and student worker graduates on their hard-earned accomplishments!

Libraries staff:
Jon McIntire, B.A. Social and Political History
Andrew Perlman, M.A. Applied Second Language Acquisitions, TESOL Certification

Student workers
Hunt Library:

Maija Anstine, M.S. Music
Yamini Arab, M.S. Architecture
Shaun Cagney, Advanced Musical Studies in Trombone Performance
Monika Clarke, M.A. Second Language Acquisition
Edna Fongod, B.S. Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
Riddhi Kachole, M.S. Materials Science & Engineering
Anvitha Kandiraju, M.S. Chemical Engineering
Anushree Kasbekar, M.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering
Prashant Kumar, M.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering
Bhagyashree Lele, M.S. Chemical Engineering
Feng Liu, M.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering
Laura Lodewyk, B.S. Information Systems
Brigid McGovern, B.S. Chemical Engineering
Suraj Raghavendra Rao Krishna Rao, M.S. Materials Science & Engineering
Nandini Ramachandran, M.S. Chemical Engineering
Kate Robinson, B.F.A. Drama
Andrew Rudderow, M.S. Music
Matthew Russell, M.F.A. Trombone Performance
Marissa Savino, B.S. Decision Science
Navpreet Singh, M.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering
Xiyu Wang, B.S. Economics
Caitlin Williams, B.A. Music/  B.A. Chinese
Morgan Wynn, Advanced Musical Studies in Trombone Performance

Mellon Library:
Pragna Vellala, M.S. Biomedical Engineering

Sorrells Library:
Atharv Bhosekar, M.S. Chemical Engineering
Darshil Gala, M.S. Materials Science
Jordan Garcia, B.S. Mathematical Sciences
Kanishka Ghosh, M.S. Chemical Engineering
Nicole Kawakami, B.S. Materials Science & Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
Pooja Pawar, M.S. Biomedical Engineering
Tapas Peshin, M.S. Chemical Engineering
Afreen Shaikh, M.S. Civil & Environmental Engineering
Shashank Sharma, M.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering
Joshua Umo, M.S. Mechanical Engineering

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