How a Tepper Professor Revised His DMP for Successful NSF Grant

Ryan Splenda and Hannah Gunderman provided essential help developing our Data Management plan. They were amazingly responsive and helpful and we would not have been able to complete our data management plan for the proposal without their assistance. Ariel Zetlin-Jones Associate Professor of Economics Tepper School of Business

Tepper School of Business Associate Professor of Economics Ariel Zetlin-Jones was thrilled to hear that the National Science Foundation (NSF) was recommending an award for an economics proposal that he and a co-author had submitted earlier in the year. However, before awarding the grant, the NSF requested a revised data management plan (DMP). The NSF suggested recommendations that focused on sharing the data/code to the public and an explanation of data access given the confidential nature of the data. At the recommendation of David Quinn, Assistant Vice President of Strategic Research Initiatives for the Office of the Provost, Zetlin-Jones reached out to the Libraries and worked with Research Data Management Consultant Hannah Gunderman and Business and Economics Librarian Ryan Splenda on the updated DMP.

  • Help a Tepper faculty member develop a robust DMP that includes recommended data management practices for data storage, retrieval, access, and use as a part of an NSF economics proposal.
How We Helped
  • Provided support in locating metadata standards (in this case, the Data Document Initiative metadata standards) to assign to the data.
  • Developed language and a strategy for access and sharing, re-use and redistribution, and archiving and preservation of data both during and after the research project.
  • Ensured the DMP matched NSF requirements for data management plans. 
  • A grant of $325,998.00 was awarded to Prof. Zetlin-Jones and his co-author after receipt of the successful DMP, which included a one-week review and editing period by Hannah and Ryan.