Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The University Libraries values and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Through our expertise, services, and collections, we aim to serve all members of the Carnegie Mellon University community with empathy and respect.

LEAD AwardOur commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion strengthens our organization and enriches our learning environment, creating the conditions for innovation to flourish. Our provision of equitable access to information, spaces, and opportunity enhances the quality of the student experience and provides our scholars with a competitive edge. We strive to incorporate and appreciate the diversity of our institution in exhibits, events, collections and our workforce. We strive for an ongoing practice of inclusion to build a sense of belonging for all members and help us all learn how to celebrate our differences.

Our roles as information providers, skill builders, and hubs of campus activities places us squarely at the center of campus and academic life and requires that we attend to diversity, equity and inclusion – and find opportunities to infuse this where it is lacking – in areas under our purview.

The University Libraries Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategic plan is organized around three key goals calling on the Libraries to strive for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the following areas: 

  • Hiring and Retaining Our Talent - Create the conditions that are favorable for hiring, retaining, and educating a diverse workforce that will serve all members of the CMU community with empathy and respect.
  • Building Services that “Serve” - Ensure our collections, exhibits, events, and communications are reflective of the populations we serve and that we aim to serve.
  • Provisioning Equitable Access - Deliver equitable access to information, spaces, and opportunity, thus enhancing the quality of the student experience and providing our scholars with a competitive edge.

Implementation of this plan began in Fall 2020. Progress is tracked at the action item level, incorporating a cycle of implementation, feedback and reporting across the different semesters each year.

We will continually strive for transparency and accountability in our actions and the ways that we measure success. This DEI Strategic Plan acknowledges that for the university to achieve its mission of impacting society in a transformative way through cultivation of a world-class workforce and provision of a transformative student experience, diversity, equity and inclusion efforts must be prioritized and given the support to succeed.


Annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Updates

The Libraries produces the DEI Annual Report to measure progress toward the Libraries’ Diversity Equity & Inclusion goals, hold ourselves accountable, and define the priorities for the year ahead.



Explore these University Libraries and Carnegie Mellon University resources to support your diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.