CMU-Qatar Policies

The Library team is here to help you, please ask for assistance. These policies apply to everyone so do not hesitate to remind your fellow students of proper behavior.

  • Respect Library hours and Library staff.
 Per the Carnegie Mellon Code, “students … are expected to meet the highest standards of personal, ethical, and moral conduct possible.”
  • The Library is a quiet zone (unless you are in a group study room). Conversations should be taken outside – your voice carries across the Library louder and farther than you think.
  • Group study rooms 1153 and 1155 may be reserved via the Exchange Calendar [BUT THIS WILL BE CHANGING TO GOOGLE WORKSPACE SOON!] and are available for active use only. Maximum time per group per day: 2 hours. Do not leave your stuff in group study rooms during class or breaks. Unattended items may be moved outside the room. Bookings that do not follow these guidelines are subject to cancellation by Library staff.
  • Individual study areas are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are available for active use only. That is, you may not hold a desk by leaving your stuff on it during class or breaks. Unattended items may be moved outside the cubicle.
  • If you are not using a Library PC/Mac, please choose a seat without a computer. Priority must be given to students using the Library’s computers.
  • CMU-Q students, faculty, and staff may access Bloomberg Professional and Refinitiv Workspace services on one terminal in the Library. Ask Library staff for details and location. Additional Bloomberg and Refinitiv terminals are available in the Q-SmartLab and classroom 2035.
  • The Library is not responsible for lost items. Left items will be moved outside the Library at closing.
  • While it is acceptable to bring snacks and covered drinks into the Library, refrain from eating full meals in the facility. Please enjoy your lunch or dinner in the cafeteria, majlis, or student lounge. Despite your best efforts, smells, crumbs, and noise disturb others when you dine in the Library ... and attract insects. Yuck!
  • Help keep the Library a clean and safe place to work and study. Clean up after yourself.
  • Defacement or destruction of Library furniture or materials is considered destruction of University property and all incidents of this nature will be reported to Security and Student Affairs.


The Carnegie Mellon Code states that “… individuals are expected to uphold the standards of the community in addition to holding others accountable for said standards.”

Together, let’s make our Library the best space on campus to learn, research, study, collaborate, innovate, and succeed!


Loan Periods

Books 30 days

*books on course reserve will vary

DVDs 7 days

*DVDs on course reserve will vary

iPads / Kindles 14 days
Presentation Clickers / Wireless Mice 2 days
Calculators / Adapters / Converters / Chargers / Scissors Same day return

*staff will hold your CMU-Q ID at the desk

Headphones In Library use only

*staff will hold your CMU-Q ID at the desk

Textbook Reserves In Library use only

*staff will hold your CMU-Q ID at the desk