Providing Copyright Management Skills to Students Remotely

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Students working remotely need on-going, pragmatic and sustainable support now more than ever.  To meet this need, the University Libraries, in collaboration with the Office of Graduate Education, is offering a series of workshops designed to help students better manage and curate their research data. 

Managing copyright is one of the most important activities in research data management.  To share and protect their work effectively and purposefully, graduate students researchers must understand copyright basics.  The copyright decisions they make now will determine how their work can be accessed and used in the future.

Using Zoom technology, I recently presented a workshop to teach graduate students how to recognize and use copyrighted materials produced by others and how to register and manage copyright to their own work. The workshop focused on the decisions graduate students might need to make regarding the materials they created or used in their research process, including drawings and photographs, tables and charts, lab notes and datasets, interviews and newscasts, software and digital artworks.  I explained important terms, including “fair use,” “public domain,” and “Creative Commons,” as they might apply to these materials.  The screen sharing capability of the Zoom technology enhanced the workshop by allowing me to point to internal and external guidance documents that will provide students with additional support as they complete their research. 

During this period of remote learning, providing in-time advice and support for students working in diverse settings is just one of the many services offered by the University Libraries.  To learn more about how the University Libraries can be of assistance to you during this time, please visit:

Gabrielle V. Michalek - Program Director, Connected Scholarship

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