Telling Spatial Stories

What is your story…

This is a question Emma Slayton and Jessica Benner have been asking through their work with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at the University Libraries. They are excited to develop new services, learning opportunities, and spaces for discussion centered around spatial research. For example, earlier this year, they began offering open office hours for those with questions concerning mapping or spatial datasets (Wednesdays between 12 and 3pm in the Sorrels library, Wean Hall floor 4).

As the Libraries moves forward with offering new workshops and events in support of Spatial Services in the libraries, their focus will be on GIS training and spatial literacy. The first of these endeavors will be the Spatial Storytelling Series. The Spatial Storytelling Series focuses on working with the CMU community to construct spatial stories. These events support broader interaction between members of the CMU community who engage in any aspect of spatial storytelling. They hope to promote critical engagement with spatial data and concepts and learn how they can best support research and student learning by supporting the creation of spatial narratives.

Read more from Emma and Jessica about the Spatial Storytelling Series on The Intrepid Researcher.

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