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Two Open Access textbooks on KiltHub, the CMU repository and research collaboration platform, have recently received recognition:

The first Open Access Textbook published on KiltHub, Fundamentals of Infrastructure Management by Don Coffelt and Chris Hendrickson. has been accepted to the Open Textbook Library (OTL). This is the first textbook published by CMU authors to meet the strict requirements for indexing by the OTL, which provides a growing catalog of free, peer-reviewed, and openly-licensed textbooks. It’s the second to be co-authored by a CMU community member. The first one was Open Logic Project co-written by Jeremy Avigad from Philosophy and Mathematics. 
The second book on KiltHub to receive recognition is a book co-authored by Jon Cagan from the College of Engineering, Creating Breakthrough Products. This was a book co-written by Jon that went out of copyright; the rights reverted back to Jon and his co-author. University Libraries deposited the book, making it Open Access on KiltHub. It’s the second book available in the repository. The deposit to KiltHub was recently noted by the Integrated Innovation Institute
Both books are being used in courses this semester taught by Coffelt, Hendrickson, and Cagan.

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