KiltHub Wins Competition

For the third time since it's rollout, the KiltHub repository has won first place in a figshare for institutions community deposit contest. The figshare for institutions community is the world-wide community of institutions that use figshare for institutions as a repository platform, either as their data repository or as a comprehensive repository like CMU. There are 69 institutions from around the world within the figshare for institutions community.
October 22-28 was the International celebration of Open Access Week. Open Access Week is an opportunity to showcase and highlight the benefits of open access, and a chance for participants to advocate for open scholarly outputs.  It also provides an opportunity to encourage others to consider making their research data and other scholarly outputs as open-as-possible. To celebrate Open Access Week 2018, figshare ran a deposit competition within the figshare for institutions community to encourage researchers to upload their research and scholarly outputs as openly as possible. Nine institutions from around the world entered into the deposit contest.

With the first place prize, CMU will receive an additional 100TB of free storage added to its license. To date, KiltHub has logged 1,179,689 views; 7,047,466 downloads, and 19,014 records.

News category: Research support