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KiltHub access is now available for CMU graduate students. Students must login with their Andrew ID, just as Faculty and Staff can. Information about the repository can be found on the About KiltHub page. Students should review and use the KiltHub Deposit Guide for general deposits, and the Data Deposit Requirements Guide and required README.txt template file for dataset deposits. 

Why Should you deposit your scholarly outputs and research data to KiltHub?

  • Make it Open - Share your data and other scholarly outputs, making your research and scholarship more visible to the world.
  • Simplify Your Research Workflow  - It’s easy to upload, manage, share, and publish your data and scholarly outputs with a DOI.
  • Get Credit for Your Work - Track the usage of the DOI, Downloads, and Views of your work.
  • Comply with Publishers and Funders - Deposit your data, publications, and other grant outputs to show compliance with funder open access requirements.
  • We Can Help - Liaison Librarians can meet with you to guide you through the repository and deposit process. 

Remember that there are office hours for KiltHub on Wednesdays in IDeATe Studio B from 12:30pm – 3:00pm that can field questions about preparing or conducting deposits. Graduate students should reach out to their liaison librarian if they have more questions about the KiltHub or schedule a time to speak with the Research Data Consultant if they have questions about depositing their data.  

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