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To ensure that the physical spaces of the libraries continue to enhance the quality of the CMU student experience, the University Libraries is implementing an immediate change to library food policy and seeking input on possible future changes.

Effective September 1, 2017, food is no longer allowed on the fourth floor. Beverages will continue to be allowed on the fourth floor. Food and beverages can still be consumed on all other floors.

The Fine and Rare books collection, located on the fourth floor, includes valuable documents, artifacts, and artwork. This new policy is intended to reduce the amount of food brought into its vicinity – and potential pests and insects that may follow – while retaining a welcoming and comfortable library environment for all visitors.

Though the new restriction only effects the fourth floor, the University Libraries is using this opportunity to review our library-wide food policies and possibly enact further changes. We know there are many sides to this issue, and so we are seeking the input of the community on this topic. Please fill out our “Food in the University Libraries” survey before October 15, 2017.

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