Environmental Typography

Environmental Typography: Hunt Library Stairwell Redesign

  • First Floor Exhibit Cases, Hunt Library
  • September 2 – November 7, 2019

In Daphne Peters’ Spring 2018 environmental typography course for the School of Design, a group of students were assigned the task of reimagining the stairwell of Hunt Library utilizing site-specific design. In teams of three, students conducted research, developed concepts, prototyped, refined their ideas and presented their work to core members of the Libraries.  Each student considered various ideas in their redesign, utilizing concepts such as storytelling, usability, materials and color in order for the Libraries to entertain, empower and inform their audience.  As we continue to pursue our vision of a 21st century library within our physical spaces, the University Libraries invites you to visit this exhibit that explores the role of typography and interaction in the library environment.

Course 51.362 – School of Design - Spring 2018

Instructor: Daphne Peters, Assistant Teaching Professor, School of Design


  • Jackie Chou, Design
  • Alice Fang, Design
  • Meijie Hu, Design
  • Matthew Nam, Design
  • Helen Reynolds, Design
  • Scarlet Tong, Architecture
  • Taylor Vence, Art
  • CJ Walsh, Design
  • Sai Prateek Narayan, Architecture


  • Heidi Wiren Bartlett, Art & Creative Director
  • Jill Chisnell, Librarian
  • Shannon Riffe, Director of Marketing & Communications
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