New Spring 2017 Course: Digital Media Literacies

New Course for Spring 2017
99356 IDeATe: Digital Media Literacies: Great World Challenge, 9 units
Instructor: Jill Chisnell, Integrated Media & Design Librarian
Tuesday & Thursday
Hunt Library – Studio B
An introduction to new media for ethically finding, evaluating, producing and sharing artistic and scholarly innovations. Gain practice with and exposure to tools, technologies and processes which support data analysis, visualization, communication, presentation and sharing through a variety of emerging and established dissemination channels.
Students will comprehensively research a great world challenge of the 21st century from various disciplinary perspectives, develop an informed position and proposed solutions, and communicate their findings through established scholarly and public communication channels.
Learning Objectives:

  • Effectively access any required full-text source by identifying accurate retrieval channels and overcoming common barriers to access
  • Place information sources in the context of a larger, global conversation and knowledge development process in order to evaluate its scope, significance and merits
  • Make use of licenses and technology to collaborate and innovate across space and time
  • Make use of tools, processes and technology to manage and synthesize large amounts of research and data
  • Produce creative knowledge and information artifacts which skillfully convey data and research across interdisciplinary academic and popular audiences
  • Make informed decisions about how and when to disseminate creative work
  • Articulate personal ethical beliefs and positions which can be incorporated into individual decision-making processes both for consuming and producing information 
News category: Research support