You're Not From Around Here, Are You?

On her Back in the Stacks blog, Cataloging Specialist Jan Hardy reviews You’re Not From Around Here, Are You? : a Lesbian in Small-Town America by Louise A. Blum.

"I’d never consider living in a small town, and when my wife and I drive past or through one, I usually comment that I’d go crazy if I lived there. I’d miss the diversity of race, religion, sexual orientation, the cultural events, and relative tolerance for lesbians and gays. A lot has changed since Blum wrote her book in 2001, notably the ability for me to say “my wife” legally, but I’m sure the attitudes in her small town are still slow to catch up.

Blum moves to Wellsboro, PA for a university teaching position, and settles into a routine of work and living alone. 'But here was Connie, big and loud and full of life, telling me straight out that she was gay' – and slowly (almost painfully slowly!) Louise and Connie fall in love."

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