CMU Alumni in Horror

George Romero during a publicity still for "Day of the Dead." (United Film Distribution Co.)

George Romero during a publicity still for "Day of the Dead" (United Film Distribution Co.)

Largely considered the Godfather of Horror, George A. Romero (BFA, 1961) was an influential pioneer in the genre, particularly the zombie apocalyptic theme. Some of his best known works include "Night of the Living Dead" (1968), "The Crazies" (1973), "Martin" (1978), "Dawn of the Dead" (1978), "Knightriders" (1981), "Creepshow" (1982), and "Day of the Dead" (1985). Romero also created and executive-produced the television series "Tales from the Darkside" (1983-88). Romero isn't the only CMU alumni to be involved in horror films and television. We put together a short list of our favorites to enjoy this spooky season.

Some of the films are available for checkout, click the linked titles for more info. While you're at it, stop by the Hunt Library, first floor Circulation desk and the Video Collection room located on the 2nd floor to check out these and other horror movies.

Ted Danson (BFA, 1972)

Ted Danson in "Creepshow"

"Creepshow" (1982) Role: Harry Wentworth

Judith Light (BFA, 1970)

American Horror Stories: Facelift

"American Horror Story: Facelift" (2022) Role: Virginia Mallow

Victoria Pedretti (BFA, 2017)

Victoria Pedretti in "The Haunting of Hill House"

"The Haunting of Hill House" (2018) Role: Nell Crain

Victoria Pedretti in " The Haunting of Bly Manor"

"The Haunting of Bly Manor" (2020) Role: Dani Clayton

Patrick Wilson (BFA, 1995)

Patrick Wilson in "The Conjuring"

"The Conjuring" (2013, 2021) Role: Ed Warren

Patrick Wilson in "Insidious"

"Insidious" (2010, 2013, 2018, 2023) Role: Josh Lambert | Director: "The Red Door" (2023)

Cherry Jones (BFA, 1978)

Cherry Jones in "Signs"

"Signs" (2002) Role: Officer Paski

Cherry Jones in "The Village"

"The Village" (2004) Role: Mrs. Clack

Billy Porter (BFA, 1991)

Billy Porter in "American Horror Story"

"American Horror Story" (2018) Role: Behold Chablis

Billy Porter in "The Twilight Zone"

"The Twilight Zone" (2020) Role: Keith

Tamara Tunie (BFA, 1981)

Tamara Tunie in "The Devil's Advocate"

"The Devil's Advocate" (1997) Role: Jackie Heath

Matt Bomer (BFA, 2001)

Matt Bomer in "American Horror Story"

"American Horror Story" Role: Andy, Donovan, Chuck

Zachary Quinto (1999)

Zachary Quinto in "American Horror Story"

"American Horror Story" (2011, 2012-2013) Roles: Chad Warwick & Oliver Thredson

James Cromwell

James Cromwell and Tom Hanks in "The Green Mile"

"The Green Mile" (1999) Role: Warden Hal Moores

James Cromwell (center) and cast in "Six Feet Under"

"Six Feet Under" (2003–2005) Role: George Sibley

James Cromwell in "American Horror Story"

"American Horror Story: Asylum" (2012-2013) Role: Dr. Arthur Arden

Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke in "The Purge"

"The Purge" (2013) Role: James Sandin

Ethan Hawke in "Sinister"

"Sinister" (2012) Role: Ellison Oswalt

Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello in "True Blood"

"True Blood" (2010-14) Role: Alcide Herveaux

Michael McKean

"Hider in the House"

"Hider in the House" (1989) Role: Phil Dreyer

Albert Brooks

Twilight Zone: The Movie

"Twilight Zone: The Movie" (1983) Role: Car Driver (Prologue)

Michael Keaton (ETC Visiting Scholar, 2014)

Michael Keaton in "Beetlejuice"

"Beetlejuice" (1988) Role: Betelgeuse