Open Source Software insights with Scarf

Scarf logo over laptop user

The Open Source Programs Office (OSPO) is committed to providing the CMU community with new methods and tools to enhance the development of open source software. As part of this commitment, the OSPO is excited to offer access to Scarf, a powerful analytics platform for exploring the downstream usage and adoption of open source software packages, websites, and documentation.

Scarf provides researchers with the ability to aggregate metrics of user downloads, container pulls, and other software artifacts across multiple platforms. These metrics can help CMU developers understand who is using their open source software, generate leads on which industries users are coming from, and the scale of their user community. Learn more about how Scarf works and potential insights on the company’s documentation site.

Currently, the OSPO is only offering Scarf for individual developers to track their published open source software packages, project websites, and documentation. Scarf is only available to current faculty, staff, and students.

For further details about Scarf and to try the service, contact Tom Hughes [] in the Open Source Programs Office.