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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI). This is a common phrase heard in the workplace today. It is not unusual for many places of employment to have a position or department that focuses solely on improving the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion of the organization. According to a recent Pew Research study, a majority of U.S. workers say DEI policies and resources have had a positive impact. Recognizing that there's always room for improvement, June's diversity display will focus on Diversity in the Workplace, with an emphasis on current day issues and applications.

A physical book display is now available at the Libraries with the selection rotating weekly. Some of the eBooks listed below also have a physical listing. Please check the availability. Special thanks to our Materials Processing Coordinator Leah Zande for compiling this list. Feature image by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash.

We Can't Talk about That at Work
Winters, Mary-Frances (2017)

We Can't Talk about That at WorkPolitics, religion, race - we can't talk about topics like these at work, right? But in fact, these conversations are happening all the time, either in real life or virtually via social media. And if they aren't handled effectively, they can become more polarizing and divisive, impacting productivity, engagement, retention, teamwork, and even employees' sense of safety in the workplace. But you can turn that around and address difficult topics in a way that brings people together instead of driving them apart.

As a thought leader in the field of diversity and inclusion, Mary-Frances Winters has been helping clients create inclusive environments for over three decades. In this concise and powerful book, she shows you how to lay the groundwork for having bold, inclusive conversations.

Even with the best of intentions, you can't just start talking about taboo topics - that's wandering into a minefield. Winters offers exercises and tools to help you become aware of how your cultural background has shaped your perceptions and habits and to increase your understanding of how people from other cultures may differ from you, particularly when it comes to communicating and handling conflict.

Once you're ready (you can take the self-assessment included in the book to make sure), Winters gives detailed instructions on exactly how to structure these conversations. She emphasizes that this is a process, not a destination—you may not be able to resolve major issues nicely and neatly in just one conversation. And while the process is important, so is intent. She urges readers to “come from your heart, learn from your mistakes, and continue to contribute to making this a more inclusive world for all.” - Publisher's Description

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Courageous Conversations about Race
Singleton, Glenn (2021)

Courageous Conversations about RaceSchools, like all organizations, face a nearly insurmountable hurdle when addressing racial inequities―the inability to talk candidly about race. In this timely update, author Glenn Singleton enables you to break the silence and open an authentic dialogue that forges a path to progress for racial equity. The third edition offers new coverage of the structural inequities in schools and society that have been exposed by the pandemic as well as heightened public awareness of racial injustice.

This guide empowers you with practical tools and insights to successfully challenge racist policies and practice in schools and beyond. It is your call to leadership―one that will impact student achievement and drive systemic transformation. - Publisher's Description

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Neurodiversity in the Workplace
Bruyère, Susanne; Colella, Adrienne (2022)

Neurodiversity in the Workplace"Neurodiversity in the Workplace" presents a timely and needed perspective on the role and responsibility of employers and those working to increase the effectiveness of workplace practices to examine the many ways we preclude large segments of the population from employment; minimizing opportunities for building a truly inclusive work environment.

This collection provides an opportunity to look at how discrimination can occur across the employment process and what can be done to minimize the exclusionary practices that prevent neurodiverse individuals from getting into the workplace, advancing, thriving, and contributing as each of us desires to do. With expertise from leading professionals, this book provides a holistic look at the application of leadership theories in a neurodiverse context and how the workplace can be adapted to accommodate for neurodiverse employees. This book also explores effective recruitment strategies by looking into applicant screening as well as interviewing and selection, adapting internal organizational resources to a neurodiverse workforce, and legal and regulatory environment considerations for autism hiring programs. Each chapter provides an overview of existing knowledge on effective workplace inclusion practices across the employment process, specific implications of research to date for a more neurodiversity-inclusive workplace, and what future research is needed to further inform these practices.

This volume is intended to increase awareness about the challenges and opportunities in making the workplace more neurodiversity-inclusive, making it instrumental for I/O and other psychologists. This book is also crucial for management and business consultants; employers; diversity, equity, and inclusion specialists; human resource professionals; and others interested in neurodiversity inclusion more broadly. - Publisher's Description

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The Policy Is Nice but Not Really Written for Us
Minei, Elizabeth (2022)

The Policy Is Nice but Not Really Written for UsThis case focuses on two simultaneous problems at a fictional company: (1) The mistakes and assumptions made by an HR department concerning the policies and practices for their LGBTQ+ employees, and (2) internal communication issues that prevent feedback from frontline workers from reaching the decision makers in the organization. This case follows the Director of HR, Charlie, who discovers that despite well-intentioned changes to the organization, the HR team has “missed” on crucial needs of the LGBTQ+ employees during a time of extreme pressure: the nomination of a prestigious organization-wide diversity and inclusion award.

The case outlines, in the LGBTQ+ employees’ own words, how sometimes written policy and organizational practice do not always align. This case assists leaders in examining how well-intentioned diversity initiatives can fail and what internal communication features are needed to ensure that marginalized individuals can communicate with senior decision makers. - Publisher's Description

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Embracing Workplace Religious Diversity and Inclusion
Hasan, Ed (2022)

Embracing Workplace Religious Diversity and InclusionThis book highlights the key contemporary issues and challenges relating to workplace religious diversity and inclusion. Challenging organizations to take religion and religious inclusion in the workplace seriously, it explores multiple perspectives and themes – from workplace stigma and employment discrimination, to strategic diversity and inclusion management.

The author focuses on integrating theory and practice in examining emerging religious inclusion issues in the workplace, providing insights based on real-world case studies from around the world. - Publisher's Description

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Age Diversity in the Workplace
Profili, Silvia; Sammarra, Alessia; Innocenti, Laura (2017)

Age Diversity in the WorkplaceOrganisations, as well as individuals and societies, continue to struggle with the complexity associated with unprecedented demographic changes. Workforce ageing and increasing age diversity are not transient phenomena, and their implications are compounded by the combination of several global trends like workers' increased mobility and migration, as well as increasing gender and ethnic differences. This demographic pressure compels organisations to question conventional ways of management thinking, doing and being in order to capitalize on the benefits of an age-diverse workforce.

This volume bridges theoretical and empirical approaches in order to illuminate the challenges of valuing employees at any point in their professional lives, from youth to retirement. Embracing perspectives that span from the individual to the organisational levels of analysis, the book explores the two distinct but intertwined phenomena of workforce ageing and increasing workforce age diversity. The volume is divided into two parts. Contributions in the first section raise questions about the meanings of age and age diversity, as well as how and when age matters in organisations. The second part of the book examines the role and contribution of HR practices in forging an age-inclusive workplace. - Publisher's Description

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Clash of the Generations
Grubb, Valerie (2016)

Clash of the GenerationsClash of the Generations explores this new and increasingly common workplace phenomenon, and provides strategies to help managers navigate this ever more complex maze. Traditionally, older workers would retire and make room for the next generation; instead, Baby Boomers are now prolonging their time in the workplace, yet the successive generations are still coming in. Senior leaders are now left to manage a blended workplace comprised of up to four generations―each with their own ideas of work ethic, work/life balance, long-term career goals, and much more.

Management is challenging at the best of times, but the new prevalence of generation gaps―sometimes even layered―add an entirely new dimension to an already complex responsibility. This book presents case studies and interviews with representatives of companies with age-diverse workforces, detailing innovative strategies for smoothing out the bumps and helping everyone work together. Managers have long wished that their positions came with an instruction manual, and this book delivers with a host of effective inter-generational management strategies illustrated by real-world companies. - Publisher's Description

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How to Work With and Lead People Not Like You
McDonald, Kelly (2017)

How to Work With and Lead People Not Like YouThe people you work with may be from a different generation, different culture, different race, different gender, or just a different philosophy toward work and life in general, but you need to work together toward a common goal. How to Work With and Lead People Not Like You explains how to dial down the differences, smooth out the friction, and play upon each other's strengths to become more effective, more productive, and less stressed. The keys are to find the common ground and identify hidden conflicts that are hurting productivity.

Many people shudder at the prospect of working with diverse groups of people, but they can't voice their fear or anxiety. At work, it's not OK or politically correct to say, 'I'm uncomfortable with this person.' In fact, if you do say something along those lines, your job may be at risk. Your company may terminate you for not being on the 'diversity bandwagon.' So you keep quiet and you keep your thoughts to yourself. But deep down, you are uncomfortable. If you feel like this, it doesn't mean you're racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic, or any other negative label. It means you're struggling.

You're struggling to understand people, cultures, or values that are unfamiliar to you. You're struggling to do your job with teammates and coworkers who may have very different viewpoints or different approaches to communication than you have. You're struggling to overcome differences and pull together to achieve high performance at work.

Whether you're leading a diverse team, working in a challenging cross-cultural environment, or simply working with people who are 'not like you,' you need to be able to get along with everyone as a team, to get the work done. This book explains the skills you need to communicate, motivate, and inspire people to collaborate―even if they have very different values, lifestyles, or priorities. - Publisher's Description

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Diversity Beyond Lip Service
Harris, La'Wana (2019)

Diversity Beyond Lip ServiceThe ugly truth about diversity is that some people worry they must give up their power for others to have a chance. La'Wana Harris's Inclusion Coaching method helps people realize that sharing power isn't the same as losing it.

The elephant in the room with diversity work is that people with privilege must use it to allow others equal access to power. This is often why diversity efforts falter--people believe in diversity until they feel that they have to give something up. How do we talk them through this shift?

La'Wana Harris introduces Inclusion Coaching, a new tool based on cutting-edge research that identifies the stages of preparation, implementation, and "self-work" necessary to help individuals, teams, and organizations build a sustainable culture of inclusion. Harris's six-stage COMMIT model--Commit to courageous action, Open your eyes and ears, Move beyond lip service, Make room for controversy and conflict, Invite new perspectives, and Tell the truth even when it hurts--provides a proven process for making people aware of their own conscious and unconscious biases and concrete steps to make inclusion an embedded reality.

Harris offers managers and diversity coaches new models to empower everyone from employees to CEOs to "do" inclusion and address deep-rooted biases that are often invisible. She addresses the growing need to challenge bias and build authentic cultures where everyone can feel a sense of belonging. - Publisher's Description

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It's Time to Talk about Race at Work
McDonald, Kelly (2021)

It's Time to Talk about Race at WorkMany white leaders want to create change but don't know how to do so appropriately and effectively. How do you know where the blind spots are that can create obstacles for people of color? Your intentions may be sincere and heartfelt, but intentions aren't enough.

In "It's Time to Talk about Race at Work," acclaimed speaker and bestselling author Kelly McDonald delivers a much-needed roadmap for business people. This book will help you successfully create a fair and equitable workplace that recognizes diverse talent and fosters productive and constructive conversations in your organization. It's Time to Talk about Race at Work does not approach diversity from the standpoint of social activism or an HR perspective. Instead, this book shows you exactly what to do and how to do it so that you can make real progress on diversity and inclusion, regardless of the size of your organization. - Publisher's Description

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Allies and Advocates
Cabral, Amber (2021)

Allies and AdvocatesAllies and Advocates: Creating an Inclusive and Equitable Culture delivers a powerful and useful message about inclusion and diversity in everyday life. Author Amber Cabral, a celebrated inclusion strategist, speaker, and writer, shows readers how to move away from discriminatory and unjust behaviors to supporting and building meaningful connections with people across our diverse backgrounds and identities.

Perfect for anyone who works in a professional environment, Allies and Advocates is especially useful for those in middle and upper management and those involved in the training and orientation of employees. If you are looking forward to building a culture of inclusivity at work or in your personal relationships, and want to learn how to use your privilege to be a better ally, "Allies and Advocates: Creating an Inclusive and Equitable Culture" is a must-have. - Publisher's Description

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Getting to Diversity
Dobbin, Frank; Kalev, Alexandra (2022)

Getting to DiversityEvery year America becomes more diverse, but change in the makeup of the management ranks has stalled. The problem has become an urgent matter of national debate. How do we fix it? Bestselling books preach moral reformation. Employers, however well intentioned, follow guesswork and whatever their peers happen to be doing. Arguing that it’s time to focus on changing systems rather than individuals, two of the world’s leading experts on workplace diversity show us a better way in the first comprehensive, data-driven analysis of what succeeds and what fails. The surprising results will change how America works.

Frank Dobbin and Alexandra Kalev draw on more than thirty years of data from eight hundred companies as well as in-depth interviews with managers. The research shows just how little companies gain from standard practice: sending managers to diversity training to reveal their biases, then following up with hiring and promotion rules, and sanctions, to shape their behavior. Almost nothing changes. It’s time, Dobbin and Kalev argue, to focus on changing the management systems that make it hard for women and people of color to succeed. They show us how the best firms are pioneering new recruitment, mentoring, and skill training systems, and implementing strategies for mixing segregated work groups to increase diversity. They explain what a difference ambitious work–life programs make. And they argue that as firms adopt new systems, the key to making them work is to make them accessible to all―not just the favored few. Powerful, authoritative, and driven by a commitment to change, "Getting to Diversity" is the book we need now to address constructively one of the most fraught challenges in American life. - Publisher's Description

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The Elephant and the Mouse
Liswood, Laura (2022)

The Elephant and the MouseIn "The Elephant and the Mouse," award-winning speaker and diversity and inclusion expert Laura Liswood delivers a thought-provoking and insightful new business guide that explores workplace diversity and offers new ideas for gaining the real benefits from your diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. "The Elephant and the Mouse" refers to the dynamic in organizations that are roadblocks to consciously inclusive success. The Elephant, often dominant group leadership, knows little about the experiences of the Mouse, the non-dominant groups, while the Mouse knows so much more about the Elephant. In diverse workplaces, these two groups live in different worlds. Success will come only if everyone works in a true meritocracy. You learn what may be easy for some to do in their career is much harder for others to do.

In this book, which builds upon Liswood's groundbreaking book, The Loudest Duck, you'll explore the powerful case for diversity, equity, and inclusion and the often-overlooked risks posed by a homogeneous workforce. You will learn the hard truths about why many DE&I efforts fail, millions of dollars are wasted, and why organizations confuse efforts with outcomes. You'll consider new ways of leading others, with a strong emphasis on tactics and strategies employed by successful Elephant and Mouse leaders, including women leaders.

An indispensable resource for managers, executives, and other business leaders who seek to recreate truly diverse, inclusive, and equitable organizations, "The Elephant and the Mouse" is also a must-read for human resources professionals, individuals who want successful careers in diverse teams, and anyone involved in the hiring, retaining, and promoting processes. This book offers a way to move beyond traditional diversity efforts towards more modern practices that embrace―and profit from―the differences between people. - Publisher's Description

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Gender Diversity and Non-binary Inclusion in the Workplace
Dobbin, Frank; Kalev, Alexandra (2022)

Gender Diversity and Non-binary Inclusion in the WorkplaceHelping to create inclusive work environments for non-binary people, this book builds knowledge of non-binary identities and provides practical solutions to many of the basic workplace problems this group face.

Working with and including non-binary people in the workplace is beneficial for both employer and employee, as it attracts and retains younger and non-binary workers by helping promote an inclusive brand, as well as satisfying equality obligations.

Based on novel research of non-binary inclusion within businesses, it provides a basic overview of non-binary people, a business case for inclusion, a brief description of how non-binary people fit into current equality laws and likely future developments in the area. An ideal introduction for companies wishing to embrace all genders in the workplace. - Publisher's Description

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Gender Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Academia
Duarte, Melina; Losleben, Katrin; Fjørtoft, Kjersti (2023)

Gender Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in AcademiaInstitutional focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion affects all parts of higher education management. "Gender Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Academia: A Conceptual Framework for Sustainable Transformation" scrutinises the conceptual framework for diversity, equity, and inclusion actions in academia to facilitate research-based and critically reflected decisions in higher education management.

The book contains 24 chapters, each focused on one of 24 fundamental concepts that are essential for identifying, understanding, and implementing organizational changes and counteracting unjustified disadvantages faced by women and members of other gender minorities in academia, preceded by an introductory binding chapter. The book also discusses concepts directed towards solutions, such as affirmative action and feminist pedagogies, and overcomes the traditional binary approach on gender by incorporating specific challenges faced by LGBTQ+ and transgender staff and students.

"Gender Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Academia" will be key reading for academics in Gender Studies and Education Studies, while also serving as a vital resource for individual consumers working in or preparing to enter leadership positions in higher education. - Publisher's Description

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Women in Tech
Arnold, Gillian (2021)

Women in TechThis guide to tackling the gender imbalance in technology professions offers expertise, initiatives and true stories to support those wishing to bring greater gender diversity into the workplace. It aims to inform regarding background, theory and policy; advise on concrete actions that can be undertaken, and to be an exemplar for companies, organisations, establishments and campaigns in the form of real-world case studies. - Publisher's Description

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The Token
Farmer, Crystal Byrd (2020)

The TokenAs a Black organizer, community, business, and organization leaders often ask: "How do I get diversity in my group?" The thing is, the work is real, but it's a minefield out there. And even progressive leaders can still, perhaps unknowingly, be racist and uphold oppressive systems.

In "The Token," your new token Black friend, Crystal Byrd Farmer, acts as the bridge between majority white organizations that are dedicated to social justice and "diverse" people in community they want to recruit, across identities of race, LGBTQ, education, socioeconomic status, and disability.

With a blunt style that pulls no punches, Crystal tells you how it is, calling you out on tokenism, while extending a hand to help your organization make real transformative change toward diversity and inclusion.

This no-nonsense, provocative, humorous, and accessible guide is for all well-meaning people leading progressive organizations who acknowledge the need for diversity but don't know where to start. - Publisher's Description

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Disability Friendly
Kemp, John (2023)

Disability FriendlyAlthough progress has been made around equality for many marginalized groups, people with disabilities are still massively underrepresented in organizations’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts. People with disabilities make up at least 15% of the population, yet they are still too often overlooked. Many people with disabilities are highly motivated, create fantastic work, and add tremendous value to organizations.

"Disability Friendly" is a clarion call to businesses around the world to realize the opportunities presented by employing people with disabilities. It explains the potential of disabled employees, how to create a culture of inclusion, and, in the process, help people with disabilities become proud contributors.

Ideal for executives, managers, and other business leaders, "Disability Friendly" will also earn a place in the libraries of Diversity and Inclusion and Human Resources professionals seeking to make an impact on their company and on behalf of a marginalized group. - Publisher's Description

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Power Imbalance, Bullying and Harassment in Academia and the Glocal (Local and Global) Workplace
Patel, Fay (2021)

Power Imbalance, Bullying and Harassment in Academia and the Glocal (Local and Global) WorkplaceThe book "Power Imbalance, Bullying and Harassment in Academia and the Glocal (Local and Global) Workplace" introduces a candid and open discussion on a sensitive topic. Breaking the “code of silence” on bullying and harassment (including sexual harassment) in academia and the glocal workplace is the central focus of the book. The author advocates a call to action to hold perpetrators and the executive leadership teams of higher education institutions and corporate organizations accountable and responsible for bullying and harassment behaviors in the glocal (local and global) workplace.

The book aims to raise the bar for ethical considerations in working with employees who may be vulnerable in the glocal workplace; to call out the perpetrators of bullying and harassment in the glocal workplace and academia; to ensure that the mental wellbeing of employees is a priority; to place responsibility and accountability for bullying and harassment on the shoulders of the executive leadership of international higher education institutions and corporations; and to call upon stakeholder groups to shatter the “code of silence” with a you-too-bully-harrasser movement.

Employers are expected to enhance their vigilance on the matter of bullying and harassment and to report perpetrators through a national and international monitoring system which names the perpetrators and prevents them from causing harm in their current organization and from moving surreptitiously to other workplace communities. This book is an account of bullying and harassment in academia and other workplaces written by those who experienced and/or witnessed bullying and harassment. It includes chapters on the political economic factors influencing equity, diversity and inclusion agendas over decades; the impact of bullying and harassment in the COVID-19 period when various communities are vulnerable; and critically reviews and presents real-life scenarios in academia and the glocal workplace which are both covert and overt. However, these underhanded activities, often with the knowledge and approval of executive leadership, remain unchallenged by employees and stakeholder groups because of the threat of loss of one’s livelihood. The contributors bring valuable insights into the covert operations of the perpetrators, who are sometimes the executive leaders (women and men) themselves.

This book is essential for understanding the dark web of deceit, lies, conspiracies and mobbing cultures which ensnares innocent targets, across glocal organizational contexts. Profiles and descriptors within the chapters and case studies act as alert signals to identify bullies. The contributors bring personal, creative and academic perspectives together, offering the readership sobering and authentic accounts of traumatic experiences and challenges in the glocal workplace. - Publisher's Description

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Dummies
Patel, Fay (2022)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for DummiesThe global workforce and marketplace will continue to undergo dramatic demographic shifts―redefining the workplace, the workers, and how work gets done. Organizations that want to attract and retain the best talent and to capitalize on the full breath of their perspectives and experiences must first reflect our society as a whole, and secondly, must create the right kind of work environment where ALL talent can thrive. That means valuing diversity, creating more equitable policies and practices, and fostering a welcoming and inclusive culture.

In "Diversity, Equity & Inclusion For Dummies," global workforce expert, and three-time Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Dr. Shirley Davis unveils her extensive collection of real-world experiences, stories, case studies, checklists, assessments, tips, and strategies that will give you a deeper understanding of the business impact of DEI and how your role as a leader can contribute to your company's long term success.

"Diversity, Equity & Inclusion For Dummies" is a must-read guide for any leader at any level who wants to ready themselves for the workplace of the future and reap the benefits of a full spectrum diverse ideas, backgrounds, and experiences. It also belongs on the reading lists of human resources and DEI professionals actively seeking to go broader, deeper, and have greater impact in their DEI work. - Publisher's Description

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