Open Science Newsletter: December 2021


Winter break is just around the corner! Finish the semester strong with some of the final open science programming of 2021, including training in and a chance to be included in Tartan Datascapes, a CMU Libraries blog on data engagement across campus! Also check out the latest in open science news and opportunities.

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Try out for free!

Anyone at CMU can use, a platform for documenting research protocols, for free with our institutional license. But now is also offering all CMU users a free protocol entry service! 

How does it work?

  1. Send your protocol. Submit your protocol below in whichever format it's currently in (pdf, word document, google document, etc.).
  2. Their editorial team will enter the protocol and double-check it to make sure there are no errors or typos relative to the document that you provided.
  3. You review the imported protocol.
  4. If all looks good, the protocol will be reassigned to you privately and you will be able to use, share, or publish it as appropriate.

Use code CMU2022 to submit protocols for free.

If you have any questions, please contact Melanie Gainey at

Be featured in Tartan Datascapes, a CMU Libraries blog on data engagement across CMU!

Are you a student, staff, or faculty member at CMU working with data and using innovative open science techniques to maximize the impact of your research? We’d like to feature your work in Tartan Datascapes, a monthly blog published through CMU Libraries and written by Hannah Gunderman, Data, Gaming, and Popular Culture Librarian. If you’d like to be featured in an upcoming issue of Tartan Datascapes, submit your information to our webform and we’ll start the conversation!

Upcoming workshops

We have a host of wonderful data and open science-themed virtual workshops! You can see a complete list of all our workshop offerings on the main CMU Libraries website, but we’ve also highlighted some below (each title is a clickable link which will take you to the registration page):

Open Science News & Opportunities

Below you’ll find the latest news and opportunities in open science.

  • Ithaka S+R report “Big Data Infrastructure at the Crossroads: Support Needs and Challenges for Universities” featuring feedback from CMU faculty researchers has been published and is now available at this link. Also check out the accompanying blog post here.

  • Resources from PREreview, a preprint review platform: 

    • Open Reviewers Workshop — After last year's successful pilot Open Reviewers Program supported by eLife and Mozilla, we have been working on reshaping its content and format into a three-part workshop that can be more easily delivered to research groups in collaboration with research institutions and adapted to specific community needs. More information about the learning objectives and logistics of the workshop can be found on our website.

    • Open Reviewers Toolkit — The workshop's curriculum builds on resources and materials that we made openly available on Zenodo, including a Bias Reflection Guide, a Reviewer Guide, and a Review Assessment Rubric, tools we hope will help peer reviewers with an unbiased and constructive composition and assessment of research manuscripts' review.  

  • Open Research Toolkit (ORT) - A series of training modules on topics related to Open Research is now published on Open Science Framework at this link. Each module contains a slide deck in both PowerPoint and Google Slides, curated resources related to the topic, presentation notes in docx and pdf, and a narrated video of the slides. All videos are on YouTube and contain English and Spanish subtitles (videos link here). A Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution license has been assigned to all original work in the ORT, so users are encouraged to use and adapt however they would like. For comments, suggestions, or corrections, please contact Christopher Eaker at