Fines & Lost items

CMU Libraries charge fines to all users for overdue, lost or damaged material including missing peripherals (parts, case, chargers, etc).

Excluding multimedia fines, payment can be made at any circulation desk using either cash or check. Outstanding student fines and multimedia charges are transferred to your SIO account at the close of each month; at which time a processing fee may be applied. All faculty/staff fines must be paid in full at the circulation desk or through departmental charge.

Item Fine Amount Lost/Damaged charges
Books 25¢ / a day fines + replacement cost + $25 processing fee
Book recalls after recall due date 50¢ / a day  
Course reserves 50¢ / an hour fines + replacement cost + $50 rush processing fee
iPads and Music gadgets (AirTurn foot pedals) $10 / a day fines + replacement cost + $25 processing fee
Journals 50¢ / an hour fines + replacement cost + $25 processing fee
Multimedia equipment $25 every 24 hours fines + replacement cost
*fines go to SIO account and cannot be paid at Libraries
Tech gadgets (calculators, phone chargers, Mac chargers, USBs) 50¢ / an hour

fines + replacement cost + $25 processing fee

In some cases fines, unreturned items, or other bills may lead to a block on your library account. Users with blocked accounts can't borrow items until the bill is settled.


Block reason Explanation
Another user has recalled an item you have checked out You have 14 days to return an item once you receive an email notification. Please return the item to a circulation desk.
You have overdue fines

CMU affiliates: Your fines exceed $25 or you have 10 overdue items.

Non-CMU affiliates: Your fines exceed $0 and/or you have overdues items.

You have overdue Course reserves Course reserves cannot be removed from the library. If you remove a course reserve item or fail to return it after 2 hours, your account will be blocked until you return the item to the circulation desk.