The dSHARP (Digital Sciences, Humanities, Arts: Research & Publishing) coalition is a team of faculty and staff in the University Libraries and the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences dedicated to advancing research and teaching involving digital tools, methods, and sources.

Our core team cover a range of disciplinary foci and provide consultations on a variety digital tools and approaches, including: digital humanities in general, open access publishing, data curation and preservation, data modeling, data visualization, data science, GIS data modeling and visualization, machine learning, project management, digital preservation, text encoding, text mining, usability, and text, network, and temporal analysis.

We build websites, databases, and data analysis pipelines, and run research projects; educate and involve the CMU community in digital scholarship and publishing; and offer resources to help students, faculty, and staff in achieving digital research goals.





Stay Informed. The Digital Humanities mailing list and dSHARP blog contain the most up-to-date information on what’s going on.

Connect. Many communities overlap with dSHARP’s missions and interests. At CMU Libraries, these include: RDS (Research Data Services), Data Colab, and LPS (Library Publishing Service). At CMU more broadly, you can find affiliates in: The Center for the Arts in Society, the HumAn (Humanities Analytics program) in the Department of English in Dietrich College, The Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, and the HOST (History of Science, Technology, and Information) Working Group. At the University of Pittsburgh, DHRX (Digital Humanities Research @ Pitt), DMAP, Digital Scholarship Commons, & Pittsburgh Digital Humanities (PGH|DH). Locally, the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center and WPRDC (Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center) offer additional possibilities. 


  • The dSHARP website offers more about our expertise for consultations, collaborations, digital projects, and how we engage and support the digital research community at CMU.
  • dSHARP hosts weekly Open Office / Consulting / Co-Working Hours on Wednesdays, 1-4pm in the Engineering Den at the back of the Sorrells Library (4th floor of Wean Hall).
  • The Digital Humanities Literacy Guidebook (DHLG) introduces digital humanities to newcomers, and offers local Pittsburgh resources as well as more general resources for education.

Event Series / Workshops

  • Office Hours. Weekly Open Office / Consulting / Co-Working Hours on Wednesdays, 1-4pm in the Engineering Den at the back of the Sorrells Library (4th floor of Wean Hall).
  • DH Lunch Lecture Series. (Currently on hiatus until Spring 2020).
    dSHARP and the Department of English’s Humanities Analytics program co-organize a weekly lunch lecture series on digital humanities research, methods, and projects.
  • Workshop Series. Our workshops cover a range of topics, from instructional sessions on software or coding applications, to discussions of broad topics that influence digital research and how we can leverage them in our own work. 
  • dSHARP Speaker Series. dSHARP hosts 1-2 visiting speakers each year, and co-sponsors several more in association with the University of Pittsburgh.
  • DH Summer Literacy Workshop. Every summer, dSHARP hosts a several day long summer literacy workshop in digital humanities. Reach out to Scott B. Weingart for more details on this summer’s workshop.


Consultations. Get in touch for help with any stage of the research process from grant writing and project scoping to publication and distribution.

Collaborations. We’re researchers too and would be glad to be partners on your research projects. Get in touch for more details.