CMU Central Repository Resolution

Approved by the Faculty Senate December 2, 2008

Whereas it is academically desirable to be public and explicit about our norms and to provide visibility of research results,

And having a single source that people could use to see Carnegie Mellon research would support that visibility and be good external relations,

And, although some faculty already provide online access to their publications, publications could be made available to the world more effectively and efficiently with a single, central, archival repository,

And a university policy would provide support to faculty who desire to make publications available online by providing up-to-date information on journal policies regarding copyright and open access,

Let it be resolved that Carnegie Mellon University should create a single, central, archival repository for research publications with search and indexing capability, under the authority of the Provost in consultation with the University Libraries.

And let it be resolved that the University should provide ongoing financial support for hardware, software, and staff to maintain the repository,

And let it be further resolved that Carnegie Mellon should encourage faculty members to make their scholarly articles freely available via this repository,

And let it be further resolved that the community should be provided an easy way to submit papers and bibliographic information,

And let it be further resolved that Carnegie Mellon should not “enforce” but establish the public norm and provide incentives, including encouraging major search engines to check the repository regularly, sending papers to CiteSeer to be processed, and encouraging science reporters to consult the repository for stories.