DOT public access plan

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has released a handout introducing its response to the OSTP directive on public access to publications and data arising from federally funded research.  The key points for researchers are:

  • When applying to DOT for funding under a grant, contract, or cooperative agreement, you will be required to submit a Data Management Plan (DMP).  The plan must identify a repository for your data that is accessible by the National Transportation Library (NTL).  Other requirements of the data management plan have not yet been released, but could be based on the National Science Foundation (NSF) modelCarnegie Mellon University Libraries provide Data Management Services, including a DMP tool to help researchers prepare a data management plan.   
  • You must submit all final peer-reviewed manuscripts of publications and scientific research project written deliverables (e.g., technical reports and final reports) arising from DOT funding to the National Transportation Library (NTL).  The documents will be made publicly available after an embargo of at least twelve (preferably eighteen) months.   

See Public Access to Federally Funded Research and Data: What You Need to Know for further details about the OSTP directive and DOT’s response.