When you use LabArchives you are sharing your research data on a digital platform outside of CMU and potentially with any collaborators on the notebook who may or may not be at CMU, so it’s important to consider if there’s any portion of your work or data that cannot be shared in this way. 

Some question to consider regarding using LabArchives are:

  • Does your research involve human subjects? 
  • Does your research contain personally identifiable data, HIPAA, or FERPA restricted data?
  • Is your research subject to an IRB or IACUC protocol? 
  • Is your research funded by the Department of Defense? 
  • Is your research subject to export control restrictions?
  • Does your research involve proprietary or commercial data?
  • Does your funding stipulate any restrictions to data management or sharing?
  • Do you have a non-disclosure agreement for any portion of your research? 

Even if the answer is yes to one of these questions, you may still be able to use LabArchives for all of your research or with de-identified data, but you should consult with your PI, or the relevant office within the Office of the Vice President for Research such as ORIC, CTTEC, or the IRB on using this tool for your project.