LabArchives for Researchers

The Professional Edition of LabArchives allows users to:

Organize Research Data 

You can replace paper notebooks by interconnecting all of your lab data and image files to your observations and notes. Data can be stored in any format and organized in an intuitive folder structure. 

You can easily upload images and videos directly to a notebook while conducting lab experiments, as well as automatically import digital experimental data captured on lab machines.

You can integrate your notebooks with many external platforms that might be used to store files and data including CMU Box accounts and Google Drive.

The platform contains many useful widgets for wet lab work and users have the ability to create custom widgets for keeping track of lab inventory and other types of record-keeping.

Preserve all your data securely, including all versions of all files

All versions of all of your files are backed up immediately and easily searched by a wide variety of criteria. You can quickly and easily view an older version of a file, or even view what was changed from one version to another (and which party made that modification).

No entries can be deleted which allows for complete audit control and protection of intellectual property. 

Share information with members of your research group or external collaborators

You may allow any individual "read-only" or "read-write" access to specific work, or to the entire notebook.  As the LabArchives Administrator, you have full rights to edit the entire notebook. 

Satisfy data management mandates from funders

Lab Archives supports funding agencies data management plans requirements.

Help Getting Started with the Professional Edition

This quick start guide will help researchers learn how to create notebooks and store and share data in them.

For tips on how to get started using LabArchives in a research setting, read here.

For a two-minute overview of how you can use the Professional Edition, watch this video.

View CMU LabArchives Professional Edition video on YouTube.