The Archives is home to many fragile and unique items - researchers must follow certain rules when handling items.

Personal items such as coats, bags, briefcases, purses, books, and folders must be placed in the coat rack area.

Paper and pencil or laptop computers may be used to take notes. Pens are not allowed.

No food or beverages, including gum and water, are permitted in the Archives.

Use of cell phones is not permitted in the Archives. Please exit the Archives to make or receive phone calls.

Only one folder may be removed from the box at a time. Preserve the existing order of folders within boxes, and of individual materials within folders.

If items appear to be arranged or described inappropriately, alert archival staff. Do not rearrange or alter the order/description of the materials.

Handle materials with care to prevent damage to the items.

Do not make any markings on materials.

Gloves are required when handling photographs.

Materials will be retrieved from shelves for researchers by archival staff.

The Archives may decline reproduction of materials if the request is deemed unreasonable or there is a risk of damage occurring to items.

Reproduction of photographs will be handled by Archives staff.

Permission must be obtained from the University Archives before reproductions may be published.

Researchers are responsible for securing proper copyright permission from the appropriate holder, which may not be the University Archives.

Works created using materials from the University Archives must include a citation, preferably formatted as follows:
[Collection name], Carnegie Mellon University Archives, Pittsburgh PA