The Allan H. Meltzer Papers, which date from 1958-2012, document Meltzer's career as an economist and professor of political economy at Carnegie Mellon University's Tepper School of Business. Included are papers published in academic journals, mainstream magazines and newspapers, unpublished materials, correspondence and press, as well as materials that document his role in the Shadow Open Market Committee (SOMC) and The International Financial Institution Advisory Commission (IFIAC).
Linear Feet: 15 Boxes: 15
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This collection contains the papers of Allen Newell (1927-1992), who served as the Whitaker Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon from 1961, and is considered one of the fathers of artificial intelligence. The collection consists of 131 linear feet of papers and electronic files pertaining to Newell's early work at the Rand Corporation, his work on the development of Carnegie Mellon's campus computing environment, and his work on the SOAR project (1945-1997).
Linear Feet: 119
This collection contains the papers of Angel G. Jordan, who received his Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie Institute of Technology in 1959 and a year later is Ph.D., eventually serving as professor and Provost for the University. The collection consists of materials relating to Jordan’s involvement in various boards and committees at St. Edmund’s Academy (SEA).
Linear Feet: 2
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This collection consists of 16 linear feet of papers pertaining to the former Dean of the School of Computer Science's research in the areas of programming languages, software engineering, and programming environments.
Linear Feet: 16
Clarence Melvin Zener was a recognized physics professor at Carngie Mellon University from 1968 until his death in 1993. The bulk of this collection contains field notebooks, reprints, and abstracts developed for research purposes.
Linear Feet: 2 Boxes: 2
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Dr. Clifford G. Shull shared the 1994 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work in the development of neutron diffraction. Dr. Shull's pioneering efforts in this field laid the groundwork for use of neutrons to study the structure and dynamics of matter. The collection includes: scientific papers by Shull and others, project reports and research proposals; lecture materials, book and paper drafts, publications and journal article reprints, graphic materials, personal papers and awards, and external correspondence.
Linear Feet: 23
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Earle Swank Papers (1908-1984)
Earle Swank worked at Carnegie Mellon University for 40 years, starting as an English professor and retiring after serving 20 years as Dean of Student Affairs. As Dean of Student Affairs, he saw the University through the socially turbulent 60s and 70s. The collection includes correspondence, subject files, Disciplinary Committee files,publications, and reports.
Linear Feet: 7.5 Boxes: 8
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This collection consists of 17 linear feet of papers from History faculty member Fenton dating from 1955-1994. Most of the collection consists of published articles, textbooks, and audio-visual kits from Fenton and the Carnegie Mellon Social Studies Curriculum Center staff. Fenton's work on Project Social Studies is well represented.
Linear Feet: 17 Boxes: 17
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Elizabeth "Bes" Kimberly was an Associate Professor of drama. This collection consists of 1.25 linear feet of papers, books, photographs, and scrapbooks in the area of costume and design.
Linear Feet: 2 Boxes: 4
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Emerson Pugh Papers (1932-1979)
Pugh was Professor of Physics from 1921-65 and also served as Associate Department Head from 1961-65. The collection consists of research and published articles, particularly on the topic of Shaped Charges. Some of Dr. Pugh's work on the Manhattan Project during World War II is documented in this collection.
Linear Feet: 4.5 Boxes: 5
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The papers of Herbert Simon, winner of the 1978 Nobel Prize in Economics. Simon earned an international reputation as one of the founders of artificial intelligence. Dr. Simon's research extended from computer science to such areas as cognitive psychology, administration and economics. Simon (1916-2001) was Professor of Administration and Psychology at the Graduate School of Industrial Administration from 1949-55, and he served as the R.K. Mellon Professor of Computer Science and Psychology from 1955 until his death.
Linear Feet: 80
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This collection contains the papers of Hubert I. Aaronson (1924-2005) an R.F. Mehl Professor of Metallurgy and Materials Science from 1979 to 1991. He greatly contributed to the body of knowledge that constitutes physical metallurgy.
Linear Feet: 10
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This collection contains the papers of Joel Tarr, Carnegie Mellon University's Richard S. Caliguiri University Professor of History and Policy. This collection contains 4 linear feet of students' papers on Pittsburgh, written from 1969 to 1997, and the personal papers of Joel Tarr.
Linear Feet: 4 Boxes: 4
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Joseph F. Traub is the Edwin Howard Armstrong Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University and External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute. In addition to many other positions he has held, Dr. Traub served as Head of the Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Department between 1971 and 1979. He has been involved in the building of major Departments of Computer Science and is the author or editor of ten books and some 120 papers. In 1959 he began his pioneering work in what is now called information-based complexity. His current research focus is on quantum computing. Both his research and administrative work have had a major impact on the field of computer science.
Linear Feet: 61 Boxes: 62
Lawrence Carra Papers (1931-1997)
Lawrence Carra was a Carnegie Mellon Drama faculty member for 31 years. He was involved in the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival, the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera and co-author of the definitive text on directing, "Fundamentals of Play Directing." The collection consists of materials from many of the plays he directed in Texas, Boston, New Jersey, Chicago, and Pittsburgh.
Linear Feet: 4
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Richard Cyert was President of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) from 1972 to 1990, an active member of CMU’s Graduate School of Industrial Administration, and a recognized pioneer in management theories of the firm. This collection contains contains documents generated by Cyert’s interests and activities not directly associated with his presidency of CMU and includes correspondence, photographs, video, and other miscellaneous materials.
Linear Feet: 5 Boxes: 5
This collection contains the papers of Robert L. Lepper (1906-1991), a Professor at the College of Fine Arts from 1930 to 1975 and was instrumental in establishing the first degree-granting School of Industrial Design at Carnegie Tech in 1934.
Linear Feet: 8 Boxes: 8
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Includes early examples of aptitude tests. Bingham (1880-1952) was the founder and director of CIT's Division of Applied Psychology. Approximately two thirds of the collection is on microfilm.
Linear Feet: 61
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This collection contains the papers of William Cooper, a founding figure in the field of management science and a professor of economics and accounting at Carnegie Mellon University from 1946 to 1975. He was among the first faculty at the Graduate School of Industrial Administration, now the Tepper School of Business, and he was founding dean of the School of Urban and Public Affairs, now the H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management.
Linear Feet: 85 Boxes: 86
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