US government funders

In response to US Directives, US federal agencies are increasingly requiring public access to research publications arising from their funding and management and sharing of the research datasets. As press releases, plans, policies or guidance documents become available, we’ll provide access to them here.

Funder Publications Data Policy or announcement
AHRQ Policy
CDC Plan for increasing access
DOD Policy
DOE Plan
Statement on Digital Data Managmenet
Suggested elements for a DMP
CMU guidance
DOT Public Access to Federally Funding Research and Data: What You Need to Know
CMU guidance
FDA Plan to increase access
Institute of Education Sciences (IES) Policy
Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) Requirements
Digital Stewardship Form
SPARC overview
NCAR/UCAR Brief summary
OA statement
Data service plan
NEH   DMP requirements
NIH Public access policy
Data sharing policy
Plans for increasing access
CMU guidance
NIJ Data archiving plan
NIST Implementation plan
Plan for Providing Public Access
NOAA Climate Data Policy
Plan for Increasing Public Access to Research Results
NODC   Policy
NSF DMP requirements
Data sharing policy
Public access plan
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) Public access plan
SI (Smithsonian Institution) Public access plan
USAID Scientific research policy
Developmental data
USDA Implementation plan
USGS Data management website
DMP guidelines

Metadata for scientific data, software and other information
Preservation requirements for digital scientific data
Review and approval of scientific data for release
Scientific data management foundation
VA   Public access