1. Cite an open access article in a publication. Post the citation to (or a copy of) your article and note the reference to the open access article.
  2. Import your works into your ORCID record. Post or send the URL of your ORCID record.  (Don't have an ORCID? Get an ORCID @ CMU.)
  3. Perform an open peer review.  Tell us where we can find your review.
  4. Submit your work for open peer review.  Tell us where we can find the open review of your work.
  5. Open access to your data or code.  Post a link to your shared data or code in Figshare or Github.  Or contact Katie Behrman, kbehrman@andrew.cmu.edu, to register your data in our repository.
  6. Publish something – e.g., a journal article, conference paper, or dataset – under an open license.  Post or send the URL of the publication.
  7. Publish an article, conference paper or book open access. Post or send a link. (CMU Libraries have a fund to provide financial support. See the eligibility requirements.)
  8. Share the Research Showcase @ CMU infographic or other #OpenCMU materials either physically or virtually.  Send us a picture (or selfie!) of the infographic on your office door or tag or CC us in your shares and retweets.  The infographic is here; other #OpenCMU content is here or on social media
  9. Deposit one or more of your works in Research Showcase @ CMU. Post or send the URL.  (Alternatively, send your work to Katie Behrman, kbehrman@andrew.cmu.edu, to deposit in Research Showcase for you.)
  10. Put your ORCID in your email signature file or in your publication contact information. Send a message or post a screencap so we can see your ORCID. 

Share your #OpenCMU links and tag @CMULibraries on Twitter, post to our Facebook timeline, or send an email to Katie Behrman, kbehrman@andrew.cmu.edu, so we can see what you’re doing!  Include #OpenCMU in your posts or email subject heading. And be sure to include your CMU department affiliation.

T-shirts will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.  One per person.