Approved by the Faculty Senate November 13, 2007


  • Scholars and their professional associations share a common interest in broad, rapid and affordable dissemination of peer-reviewed literature
  • Universities subsidize scholarly research and then must purchase published findings at increasingly high costs because scholars transfer their copyright to publishers
  • Many Carnegie Mellon faculty are interested in providing open access to their work because it increases the impact of their work and Advances the interests of the scholarly community
  • The technical skills and support available to help faculty provide open access to their work by self-archiving it on personal or department websites are uneven across departments within the University.

Therefore be it resolved that the Faculty Senate strongly encourages Carnegie Mellon faculty to

  • Know their publishing rights
  • Retain the right to self-archive their work
  • Self-archive and provide open access to their work in keeping with publisher open access policies
  • Continue to maintain the highest academic standards – (Deleted: see motion below.)

Be it further resolved that
The Faculty Senate strongly encourages the Office of Legal Counsel and the Libraries to

  • Continue the Authors’ Rights and Wrongs program to help faculty understand the issues

The Faculty Senate strongly encourages Computing Services and the Libraries to

  • Provide tools to help faculty retain the necessary rights and self-archive their work