Hit a paywall?

Open Access button logo

When you discover but cannot access a publication you want because of a subscription paywall, the Open Access Button reports the problem, aggregates the data, and presents it on a map to illustrate the challenges researchers face in accessing published papers.  The Button was also designed to help you find an open access copy of the work you were looking for, but this feature is broken.  The University Libraries contributed to the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to develop Button 2.0, which will fix this problem and enhance what the Button can do.  

Supported by the student-driven Right to Research Coalition, the Open Access Button is an easy-to-install browser bookmarklet.

Recommended Action
  1. Download the Open Access Button.
  2. Activate your Open Access Button.  You can find instructions here: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iPad, Internet Explorer.
  3. Use your Open Access Button to help show the impact of paywalls, find open access copies of the resources you need, increase awareness of the problem, and change scholarly publishing. 
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