PeerJ membership

The University Libraries pays for CMU authors’ lifetime memberships in PeerJ.  Only PeerJ members can publish in PeerJ.  PeerJ members can publish for free, at a frequency based on the level of membership.

The University Libraries will pay for PeerJ memberships at the Basic (one publication per year) or Enhanced (two publications per year) level.  The membership fee will be paid automatically when CMU authors with an email address validated by PeerJ submit or have an article accepted for publication in a PeerJ journal. Memberships are for life. Researchers retain membership if they leave Carnegie Mellon.

PeerJ produces three publications:

  • PeerJ is a peer-reviewed open access journal in the biological and medical sciences.
  • PeerJ Computer Science is a peer-reviewed open access journal in, you guessed it, computer science.
  • PeerJ PrePrints is a collection of open access manuscripts in biological and medical sciences and computer science. Authors can submit drafts or final versions of their articles to establish precedent and solicit feedback prior to submitting the work to a journal for peer review.