CMU Research Data Management Resolution

Approved by the Faculty Senate January 14, 2014


Researchers in all disciplines are faced with a range of data management needs as research becomes more collaborative, data-intensive, and computational,

And the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) directive issued February 22, 2013, requires federal agencies that fund research to mandate public access and re-use rights to peer reviewed publications and digital data arising from that funding,

And the federal Open Data Policy issued May 9, 2013, stipulates the requirements for sharing and enabling re-use of digital data,

And data sharing and re-use increase the accountability, verification, impact, and return on investment in research,

And technical expertise and support services are required to meet researcher needs, funding imperatives, and public policy goals,

And an institutional commitment to effective data management is required for faculty to participate,

Therefore be it resolved that Carnegie Mellon University should

  • Charge the University Libraries, Office of Sponsored Programs, Office of Research Integrity and Compliance, and Computing Services to collaborate and provide the community with core services and tools for managing data throughout the data life cycle.
  • Promote these services and tools and encourage faculty to use them to manage and share their data.
  • Study means by which faculty can participate effectively.
  • Establish incentives and community norms for effective data management and sharing.
  • Provide ongoing financial support to the units providing services and tools, including support for the infrastructure, personnel, education and training needed to sustain long-term data management and curation.
  • Develop a research data management policy, establishing the University's commitment to long term data management, and aligned with federal agency requirements and open data initiatives.  This policy and progress towards its implementation will be posted on relevant web pages.