According to the Open Data Policy beginning August 2013 federally funded researchers must:

  • Collect or create information in machine-readable and open formats.
  • Use data standards, open licenses, and common core and extensible metadata.
  • Document and share data schema and dictionaries.

In addition, federal agencies must:

  • Build or modernize existing information systems to support interoperability and accessibility.  Systems must be scalable, flexible, and facilitate extraction of data in multiple formats for a range of uses. 
  • Strengthen data management and release practices by clarifying roles and responsibilities, engaging customers to help facilitate and prioritize data release, creating and maintaining an enterprise data inventory, and creating and maintaining a public data listing that includes datasets produced through federally funded grants.
  • Strengthen measures to ensure that privacy and confidentiality are fully protected and data are properly secured.
  • Incorporate interoperability and openness requirements into core agency processes.

To help CMU researchers comply with the Open Data Policy, the University Libraries, Computing Services, Office of Sponsored Programs, and Office of Research Integrity and Compliance are collaborating to provide data management services.