Spotlight on rarely seen items in our Special Collections.

Special Collections Highlight: Jacob Lawrence

“A Class in Shoemaking” painting by Jacob Lawrence

Given to Carnegie Mellon University in 1987 by two local Pittsburgh collectors, Jacob Lawrence’s 1947 tempera painting, “A Class in Shoemaking” clearly shows his pictorial style that he called “dynamic cubism,” with jagged compositions in bold, flat colors that are abstract yet figurative, and full of social comment. Often in his career, he painted tradespeople, craftspeople and laborers hard at work in many fields.

Exhibit: Miniatures and Micro-minis

Exhibit: Miniatures and Micro-minis

On display through May 31, this exhibit offers a rare opportunity to view these tiny creations up close, including titles such as “Red Riding Hood,” “The Raven,” and “Life and Work of Beatrix Potter.” 

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