Systematically Tackling Research at Home

Students working in Hunt

During the challenging times that COVID-19 has presented to our university, the University Libraries continue to support critical research in a virtual environment. One example is our support of systematic review efforts. Systematic reviews, and other types of research synthesis, can result in highly impactful research at a time when lab and field work may otherwise be on hold. They are also an excellent way to engage students in the research process, without the need for lab or research facilities. 

Zines that Zoom at CMU-Q

Teresa MacGregor using Zoom

In early February 2020 (seems like a lifetime ago!), the Qatar-campus Library hosted two VIP guests from the main campus Library – Jill Chisnell, Integrated Media and Design Librarian, and Dom Jebbia, Digital Collections Associate.  During their visit, Jill and Dom delivered a well-attended workshop on zine making and met with faculty members about incorporating zines and other creative learning techniques into their courses.  Shortly after we waved goodbye to our guests, two instructors (Jennifer Bruder and Nesrine Affara) requested a zine-making workshop for their Spring semeste

Special Ordering for Print Books During COVID-19

Special Ordering for Print Books during COVID-19

"I had been unsuccessfully looking for an online copy of a very particular book. The topic is not a common one and it’s a central theme of my PhD research. I contacted Librarian Jill Chisnell and she figured out how to get a physical copy to me... in Mexico City!! This is one of the kindest and most caring actions I have experienced in my academic years, more so in these difficult and tumultuous times. This will help me finish drafting a full chapter of my dissertation. Thank you CMU Libraries!"