A Conversation with: Hannah Gunderman

Hannah Gunderman
What is Inclusive RDM?

To answer this, I’ll first define research data management (RDM), which is the process of organizing, cleaning, storing, and sharing data produced, collected, or obtained during a research project in any discipline. Inclusive RDM refers to research data management education, outreach, and support in academic libraries that is approached from a place of compassionate, empathic language.

Cabinets of Curiosity —A Virtual Exhibit

Since the closure of libraries at the start of the pandemic, librarians have found themselves physically separated from their institutional collections for many months, a year, or even longer. However, in transitioning to remote work from home, librarians became closer to their personal collections. These collections may mirror an institutions’ collections, books or similar printed content, or they may run the gamut of material types from dolls to shells to buttons … and beyond!

Expansion in a Time of Restriction: Pivoting the Digitization Lab During the Pandemic

Joe Mesco at scanner

In August of 2019, the Libraries' Digitization Lab celebrated twenty-five years of operations. To mark this occasion, we wrote a blog post about the lab's history, highlighting a selection of our current and future projects. Since that post, our work has taken some unexpected turns due to the pandemic and its unprecedented impact on our daily activities. In response, we've pivoted to new projects that have expanded on and explored the possibilities of our core suite of services. 

Mesco Finds It All in the Archives

Ann Marie Mesco standing next to brick wall

Ann Marie Mesco taught herself hypertext markup language in the 1990s while managing a culinary school's library. Ever since coding that first website, she has built a career around guiding libraries into a digital future.

As the digitization project manager, Mesco, a 2001 graduate of the Dietrich College, oversees the conversion of vast educational resources and intellectual assets into electronic items, all cataloged to be easily retrieved.

Hybrid by the Numbers: Fall 2020

After a full year of pandemic operations in support of CMU’s hybrid approach to teaching and research, the Libraries' services and the way our faculty and students have utilized them look far different than in previous years. 

Here’s a brief look at some of the numbers, including some surprises, from our overall year and from the most recent fall semester. Click the image to view a larger version of the infographic.

Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt: Plantswoman, Bookwoman, Craftswoman

Six-year-old Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt

On the blog this week, Curator of Special Collections Sam Lemley reflects on the legacy of Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt, the founding benefactor of CMU’s Special Collections and an important collector and scholar of early books on botany. CMU’s Hunt Library, named for Rachel and Roy A. Hunt, was dedicated 59 years ago on 10 October, 1961.