Webster Reappointed as Dean

Provost James H. Garrett, Jr. has recently announced that Keith Webster has been reappointed as dean of the University Libraries.

In an email to faculty and staff in University Libraries, the provost said Webster will continue as both dean and director of Emerging and Integrative Media Initiatives, posts he has held since 2013 and 2015, respectively. 

Garrett called him a forward-thinking and transformational dean.

Libraries Convene Community of Scholars

Carnegie Mellon University Libraries recently hosted a conversation on harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for scientific data discovery.

The AIDR (Artificial Intelligence for Data Discovery and Reuse) 2019 conference took place May 13-15 and brought 150 researchers, computer scientists, librarians and industry representatives from 10 countries and 65 institutions and organizations to CMU May 13-15.

Exhibit: Doppelgänger


  • First Floor Exhibit Cases, Hunt Library
  • May 20 - August 30, 2019

Doppelgänger: (German "double walker") is a paranormal double of a living person, typically representing evil or misfortune. In modern vernacular, the word has come to refer to any double or look-alike of a person (Wikipedia.org)

KiltHub Hosts Groundbreaking BOLD5000 Dataset

A groundbreaking new dataset of functional MRI brain scans that will significantly impact researchers’ ability to apply machine learning techniques to understanding how the brain processes information can be found in the University Libraries’ KiltHub repository. Collected over multiple sessions, the project gathered over 20 hours of MRI data from each of four subjects.

Mental Health Awareness Month

 In order to fight stigma and bring awareness to mental health issues, Carnegie Mellon University Libraries joins Mental Health America in observing Mental Health Awareness Month for May 2019. Since 1949, organizations across the nation have recognized this month as an opportunity to provide resources and outreach on mental illness, and allow individuals to share their experiences.  Beginning May 3rd you will find a series of books on display in the lobby of Hunt Library covering various mental health topics, and be sure to view our social media for links to electronic resour

SEI High Tea 2019

SEI Research Services High Tea 2019
Wednesday, May 15
2 p.m. 
Jordan Auditorium, Software Engineering Institute

Once again, the Libraries are excited to partner with the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) for the annual SEI Research Services High Tea. Tom Longstaff, SEI chief technical officer and the High Tea’s master of ceremonies, will open the event, which will focus on cooperative library science. Longstaff’s remarks will be followed by presentations from four speakers:

Spatial Storytelling Competition and Expo

Are you interested in storytelling or digital narratives? Have you ever considered using images places or maps to tell these stories? We have asked several students to build spatial narratives focusing on their interests – from voting access to climbing Mt. Everest – as a part of our final event for the Carnegie Mellon Libraries Spatial Storytelling Series.

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