Licensing Content on OSF

OSF allows you to make data or workflows open. You can choose a unique license for each of your public projects or parts of projects on OSF, so that others can understand how the content can be reused. 

If you are interested in publicly sharing and licensing a research product such as a research publication, conference poster, or data set, you might consider using KiltHub, our institutional repository. Please contact a librarian or to learn more about KiltHub.

  • What are the requirements of your institution or grant? 
  • What are the requirements from the country or location your data was gathered?
  • Do you want others to be able to reuse the content and under what terms?
  • How would you like reuse to be attributed?

A growing number of people believe that research products, including data, should be open.

Creative Commons has created several licenses that allow creators of intellectual works to retain copyright and get credit for their work while allowing others to redistribute and reuse their work. You can try the simple Creative Commons License Chooser to find the most appropriate license for your work.

This guide provides a useful comparison of the permissions, conditions, and limitations of open source licenses.