Getting Started

CMU libraries has an institutional license for OSF that allows researchers to use Shibboleth Single Sign-On to access their accounts with their Andrew IDs. You can then sync third-party applications to your OSF project, including CMU Box and Google Drive accounts. Any projects that you affiliate with CMU will appear on CMU's dedicated OSF landing page.

If you would like help getting started with OSF, you can contact the library, refer to our Research Guide, or attend a University Libraries workshop on OSF.

If you do not already have an OSF account, you can create an OSF account using your CMU credentials.  Instructions are here:

If you already have an OSF account, you can add a CMU affiliation to that account so that you can Sign In with your CMU credentials and affiliate your existing projects with CMU.

Go into your Profile page (which you can get to by clicking on your name and choosing My Profile) and click on the link in the top right of the page that says Edit your profile.

Choose Account Settings from the menu on the left and find the text entry box that allows you to enter a new email address. In that box, enter your CMU email address. You will be sent a confirmation email to your CMU email account.

Follow the instructions in the email and click the link to merge your accounts. You will then be able to Sign In through CMU and to affiliate projects with CMU.

You can increase the visibility of your work by affiliating your research on the OSF with CMU. Public projects affiliated with CMU will be showcased on CMU’s dedicated landing page. Instructions are here:

If you anticipate losing access to your CMU email address, you can add an alternate email address to your OSF account. Instructions are here: