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1908 to 1981

Walter J. Hall, best known as the builder of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, built an extraordinary commercial and residential complex known as Lynn Hall in his hometown of Port Allegany, Pennsylvania. Lynn Hall became the setting for the life and career of Walter's son, Raymond Viner Hall, an architect who substantially adopted the manner of Frank Lloyd Wright. Despite the remote location, the younger Hall conducted an extensive practice throughout northcentral Pennsylvania, upstate New York, and adjacent locales, specializing in schools and houses. He later developed a number of projects for the U.S. Virgin Islands and British West Indies. Raymond Viner Hall also conducted an extensive practice in radiant heating design and development, collaborated with Bethlehem Steel to bring Rayduct floor piping to the commercial marketplace, and developed a number of additional innovative construction systems.

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The Hall Collection consists of papers and publications, digital files of papers and publications; digital files of sketches, drawings, and renderings; and one artifact, a concrete lintel. Papers and publications (on paper or digital) include promotional brochures, a resume, job lists, an obituary and historical outline, and a trade booklet about Rayduct pipe. Most architectural projects are documented by only one item, commonly a drawing that incorporates multiple elements including plans and perspectival views. There is, however, a complete drawing set for the Dr. & Mrs. A. F. Domalesksi house (1949), and extensive documentation of Lynn Hall.

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