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1903 to 1997

Paul Schweikher was a distinguished modern architect particularly noted for his sensitive use of materials. Schweikher practiced with Schweikher, Lamb and Elting; Schweikher and Elting; and Paul Schweikher Associates; and taught architecture at Yale University and Carnegie Mellon University. His practice consisted largely of private homes and university projects. His Pittsburgh buildings include the Duquesne Union at Duquesne University, the WQED building, and the Knoxville branch of the Carnegie Library.

Scope and Content: 

The Schweikher Collection consists largely of drawings and models donated by the architect documenting seven Schweikher projects. Models represent four projects: Fine Arts complexes for Carnegie Mellon University (unbuilt) and the University of Buffalo, and two Pittsburgh-area housing proposals. The Carnegie Mellon Fine Arts complex, the Duquesne Union, the WQED building, and Schweikher's own Arizona house -- known as "The House on the Mesa" -- are documented by drawings and sepia prints.

A complementary and more extensive collection of Schweikher's architectural records can be found at Arizona State University.