Congratulations! Annie Arnold, Michael Craig, Sam Ventura & Vincent DeGeorge came out on top (1st, 2nd, 3rd & People's Choice) at CMU's 2015 3MT Championship. Eleven finalists participated. Who would get your vote?  
Watch all the 2015 finalists! 

Finalists who participated in the 2015 Championship:

Milad Memarzadeh, Civil & Environmental Engineering: Probabilistic learning and planning framework for optimal management of systems under uncertain environments

Michael Craig, Engineering & Public Policy: Keeping the lights on: Power systems, water and climate change

Vincent DeGeorge, Materials Science & Engineering: Tomorrow's electricity: Stadium or lawn seating?

Sam Ventura, Statistics: Solving the identity crisis

George Lederman, Civil & Environmental Engineering: Good vibrations: How to protect our infrastructure

Madhumitha Ramesh, Biological Sciences: How do cells assemble the ribosome nanomachines?

Amit Datta, Electrical & Computer Engineering: Transparency in online targeting

Annie Arnold, Chemistry: Modified graphene: Biodegradable bone implants

Gus Xia, Machine Learning: Music, mind and machine: Expressive collaborative music performance via machine learning

Lily Morse, Organizational Behavior & Theory: Exposing fraud vulnerabilities in client-auditor relationships

Garrett Stack, English: Damming the Romantics

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