The annual Excellence Awards recognizes library employees for exceptional performance in any of five areas:

  • Citizenship (individual): Contribute to key library concerns through exemplary citizenship in support of the mission of the Libraries.
  • Customer Satisfaction (individual or team): Advance the Libraries’ vision, mission, and values by improving customer service; e.g. through exceptional communications, cooperation, or collaboration.
  • Innovation (individual or team): Improve library service; e.g. by changing procedures or policies, completing a significant project, or launching a new initiative.
  • Outreach (individual or team): Forward the instructional and research mission of the library; e.g. by providing reference or instruction, improving access to information resources, or conducting research that advances knowledge or provides data for decision making.
  • Productivity (individual or team): Increase efficiency; e.g. by improving a work process, containing or reducing costs, increasing resources or revenues, eliminating wastefulness, or reducing errors.
  • Cash Prize (cash prizes are taxable)
    • Individuals: $500
    • Teams: $2,000 divided equally among team members, not to exceed $500 each
  • Framed certificate signed by the Dean
  • Announcement to the university community
  • Nominee must have completed at least one year of employment in the Libraries; winner must be employed in the Libraries when the award is presented.
  • An employee who has received an Excellence award within the last three years is ineligible for nomination except as member of a team.
  • Members of the current Awards Committee and Dean and Associate Dean are ineligible for Excellence awards.
Previous Winners (Not Eligible in 2018)
  • 2017: Ryan Splenda, Chris Kellen, Terry Hurlbert, Gloria Henning, Dawn Caldwell, David Scherer, SAGE Team (Jill Chisnell, Terrence Chiusano, Julia Corrin, Rikk Mulligan, Ana Van Gulick, Ole Villadsen), Ann Marie Mesco
  • 2016: Charlotte Trexler, Julia Corrin, Access Services Team (Chris Cramer, Lorri-Keeling Oliver, Arnette Loggins, Andrew Marshall, Andy Perlman, Barry Schles)
  • 2015: Jillian Chisnell, Teresa MacGregor, Jon McIntire, Angelina Spotts, Brian Woolstrum