New Database Trials

The Carnegie Mellon University Libraries currently offers trial online access to the following databases. These trials are available on a temporary basis only. University Libraries will make a decision about subscribing to these electronic resources based on interest, cost, and usability.

To view permanent additions and changes to databases available at the University Libraries, see our A-Z Databases page.

Please send your feedback, evaluation, comments, and questions to the email listed with each resource below. For access problems, please contact us.

Politico Pro

  • Description: POLITICO Pro is POLITICO’s timely policy news and information resources that has expanded from a professional tool serving DC’s key policy stakeholders to now working with universities and colleges. Pro’s newsroom includes 120 policy-focused journalists who are completely separate from POLITICO’s main site journalism. Content is meant to be up-to-the-minute and concise given it’s geared towards students, faculty and researchers who are informed on the subject areas being covered.  Pro covers 15 overarching industry areas, all of which include 100 subtopics within each: Agriculture,  Budget and Appropriations, Campaigns, Cybersecurity, Defense, Education, eHealth, Employment & Immigration, Energy, Financial Services, Health Care, Tax, Technology, Trade and Transportation.  
  • Trial expires: April 20, 2018
  • Feedback: Sarah Young,


  • Description: On Architecture is an online collection of original architecture-related videos, including interviews with primary contemporary architects, and portrayals of key works. OnArchitecture offers opportunities for discovery and self-learning, and provides a global perspective of the discipline of architecture.  
  • Trial expires: December 30, 2018
  • Feedback: Martin Aurand,

People Magazine Archive

  • Description: Published by Time Inc., the magazine has focused on the stories of people in and behind the news. Each issue contains a blend of celebrity and human interest stories. Database coverage is from the first issue in March, 1974 through December, 2000, in a comprehensive cover-to-cover format. Articles and cover pages are fully indexed and advertisements are individuallyidentified. Taken as a whole, the archive chronicles popular culture and trends over time.
  • Trial expires: March 31, 2018
  • Feedback: Sue Collins,
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